What Does Our AC Tune Up in Include?

When you’re looking for preventative AC maintenance, it’s essential to understand everything that you’ll receive to keep your air conditioning system running at 100% year-round. A licensed technician will check your system. Below you will see the steps and measures we use on a routine basis to keep our customer’s air conditioning system running efficiently year-round.

  • Check Thermostat Condition & Operation
  • Check Air Filter Condition
  • Check Blower Condition
  • Check Blower Capacitor
  • Check Evaporator Condition
  • Check Drain System & Flush Drain
  • Check Duct Systems For Leaks, Damage or Imbalance Issues.
  • Check Attic Insulation
  • Check Condenser Condition
  • Check Compressor Capacitor
  • Check Condenser Fan Capacitor
  • Check Condenser Fan Condition & Operation
  • Check Condenser Contactor
  • Check Disconnect Condition
  • Check Compressor Operation
  • Check All Electric Connection & Proper Breaker Sizing.
  • Check for Proper Refrigerant Pressures