How to know if the Air Conditioning unit is of good quality.

It’s necessary to make sure quality and performance for years to return once you’re putting in a brand new AC unit. throughout the installation of your central air unit, raise yourself these questions:

• Is the unit sized correctly? Reps should be measuring your home and doing load calculations to ensure the equipment is the right size for your home for optimal performance.
• Is the duct system right for the Air Conditioning unit? Ducts that are damaged, leaking, or missing in spots will affect performance. Technician will repair ducts and install more if needed for everything to work seamlessly.
• How is the airflow? If the airflow isn’t just right, you could see an increase in your utility bill or experience hot spots in certain rooms. A technician can measure the volume of air reaching the various spaces in your home and adjust ducts and vents for the most optimal airflow.

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