Hiring an HVAC Tech or doing it your self

For a skilled person, installing a central air conditioning system can be a large but doable project. You may need to go under your home, carry heavy parts, prepare an installation place, pour concrete, and climb onto the attic. It’ll also involve some paperwork since in most places, your local government may require a permit to replace or install large-scale appliances like Air Conditioning systems.

If you hire an Uptown Heating & Air Conditioning, your technician will complete the entire process for you. They may start with a load calculation known as the Manual J, to determine the proper unit size for your home. A pro will also look at your home’s insulation, walls, floors, and windows to determine the best model for your needs, as well as examine any leaks, seals, and existing ducts or vents to make sure your Air Conditioning fits at its best, the technician may even help you get a discount on the unit itself and offer maintenance plans for any future repair work.

If you need professional installation or repair, we can help. Call (832) 709-0236 for the best air conditioning and heating company in Houston and surrounding cities.