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Now might be a good time to consider the benefits of having an HVAC protection plan. Heating and cooling protection plans ensure your systems are in good working order year-round. They can reduce worry as well as unexpected costs when something goes wrong.
Understanding HVAC protection plans
In most parts of the United States, having reliable air conditioning is a must, especially during the hottest times of the summer. But just when they have to work the hardest, A/C units may break down. That’s because many people take them for granted until it’s too late. Without regular care, your A/C system could be an expensive disaster waiting to happen, Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding this problem. During peak season, you may have to wait longer for a repair appointment. Having an HVAC protection plan in place makes it easy to stay on top of caring for your system, Typical plans include an annual inspection that covers heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems throughout the year. And don’t forget a well-tuned system uses less energy, which could help keep your electric bills in check.
What’s an hvac protection plan
HVAC coverage plan takes care of both your air conditioning and heating systems for the year. When you sign up for an HVAC protection plan from Uptown Heating & Air Conditioning, seasonal inspections, tune-ups and preventative maintenance of all your systems may be included. Trained experts can help with everything from being more efficient with energy to heating, Regular care through heating and cooling protection plans could extend the life of your systems for even more savings. Some plans offer discounts on new, energy-efficient units.
How are HVAC protection plans different from a home warranty?
Home warranty plans cover the cost of fixing or replacing broken systems. Most, however, don’t include preventative maintenance, and some plans don’t include HVAC systems.
Signing up for an HVAC protection plan with Uptown Heating & AirConditioning covers repairs but may also go a step or two further. Prevention is almost always cheaper than repair. Ensuring your systems are on peak at maximum efficiency may extend the life of your equipment and could save you money on your energy bill, which is something a home warranty can’t do.
It’s better to keep your HVAC running smoothly and reliably than it is to sweat it out waiting for a repair.
What does an HVAC protection plan cover?
Some HVAC protection plans provide comprehensive coverage, which includes your annual inspection and any other HVAC issues you have throughout the year. Plan coverage means you’ll be less likely to need service calls, although they’re included, too.
How much can you save with HVAC coverage
Without even including any actual work done on your system, a service call from an HVAC tech alone could come with a minimum fee. Add to that the costs of repairs — from recharging refrigerant to a compressor or a condenser coil — plus labor, and your
bill could range from the hundreds to the thousands. These costs don’t include the time it takes trying to find a service provider or the discomfort you may endure waiting for an available technician. It’s easy to see the benefits you could get with HVAC coverage.
Keep your home comfortable with an HVAC protection plan from Uptown Heating & Air Conditioing
So, are HVAC service plans worth it? Many homeowners would say yes. HVAC protection plans ensure that your systems run efficiently and remain free of trouble. You can avoid the discomfort of waiting in your overheated home for a repair, not to mention the unexpected hit to your budget. Plus, a tuned-up HVAC system could last longer and may save you money on your energy bill.

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